Download Dandrew Media – Commercial Real Estate Financier

Download Dandrew Media - Commercial Real Estate Financier
Commercial Real Estate

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Ever wonder how so many commercial real estate professionals
continue to strive and prosper in today’s meager economy?

Dandrew Media’s Capital Placement Series reveals the closely held institutional secrets that are the driving force behind today’s most successful Wall Street investors.

Land can be a tremendous wealth creator if executed correctly. It may not pay your rent today, but it’s definitely something you need to add to your collection of “hope certificates”.

There is about $400 billion in quality, stale commercial developments that have been halted and are ripe for the picking.

Land Development Financier™, a 27 page tutorial in the Capital Placement Series, gives Intermediaries a detailed lesson in land financing covering every aspect of the transaction.

The turmoil in Europe continues to make the US banking system look increasingly less stable. You can bet there will be a land grab and land-related assets will be bid up.

This is your time to get in and build wealth. We’ve taken our decades of experience in the commercial real estate industry, deal structuring success stories and insider secrets and developed this system to share with you.

Whether you’re new to the industry or need a refresher course, Land Development Financier’s comprehensive and insightful analysis of land financing will not only prepare you for your next deal, it will give you the tools you need to succeed for years to come. Business is booming. Get in early before it’s too late.

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