Download Salvatore M Buscemi – Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker

Download Salvatore M  Buscemi - Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker
Commercial Real Estate

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Salvatore M. Buscemi – Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker

Former Wall Street Investment Banker Spills the Beans About
How Average Americans Can Make 5…6… Even 7 Figure Cash Windfalls
with the Upcoming $1.4 Trillion Commercial Real Estate Default Tsunami
Former Wall Street Investment Banker Spills ‘Insider Secrets’ on How You Can Easily Pocket $50,000 ‘Match Making’ High Dollar Real Estate Deals
Never Before Revealed Strategy For Quickly Connecting The ‘Money Guys’ To The Commercial Assets = Massive Payday For YOU
Hi! My name is Sal Buscemi and I want to tell you where the money’s at in Real Estate. Most Americans don’t know this. It’s not really a secret, but most don’t know it anyway.

OK, Here’s Where The Money’s At In Real Estate . . .Most people think the money in real estate is in residential properties, but it’s not. Low dollar single family homes are not how you get rich quickly and easily in real estate.

But here’s where the real money is at. So pay close attention. The money is in properties like apartment buildings, shopping plazas, warehouses, etc.

The real money is in commercial real estate! Large buildings rented out to other businesses. That’s where the real money’s at!

Would you like to have the right training to tap into this market so you can make HUGE sums of money with no risk? This isn’t just a pie-in-the-sky sort of business. It’s real and it’s exactly how Wall Street makes money every day! Let me tell you how . . .

The Biggest Challenge Facing Commercial Real Estate Investors Today
Commercial real estate loans are a LOT different from mortgages on houses. In fact, the differences are MASSIVE. First, the average size of a commercial real estate loan is $5,000,000 dollars!

This puts lenders at HUGE risk if there is a default on the loan. So bankers pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the businesses that they have loaned money to. They keep in continual contact to make sure the business is generating the cash to pay the loan. Bankers and other lenders are continually worried about getting their money back.

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