Driving For Dollars: Step By Step | Real Estate Wholesaling with Zack Boothe

Driving For Dollars: Step By Step | Real Estate Wholesaling with Zack Boothe

Driving for dollars is a technique for finding great deals on
houses. Essentially, you drive around your market area looking for properties that are
vacant or distressed, and then attempt to buy that home from the owners. Driving around
looking for houses may sound simple but it’s definitely not easy, so I’ve put together a
strategy that will help you find deals and make money faster.

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0:00 Introduction
1:08 Step 1- Identity the area you want to drive.
1:51 Step 2 – Sort the houses you want to add to your market (Deal Machine).
3:19 Step 3 – Contact homeowners to see if they are interested to sell their house for speed and convenience (post cards, texting, cold calling).
4:55 Step 4 – Marketing offers / Get a contract and turn it into money
by selling the contract AKA wholesaling.
6:25 Summary

About Me:
Hi, my name is Zack Boothe. I help real estate investors understand the strategies and action steps required to make a fortune in all things real estate investing. One of the biggest challenges that aspiring investors have to create financial freedom is not knowing what action steps that they need to take to quickly find success. Many get stuck with feelings of fear and never really move in the right direction. That is not cool because it keeps amazing people from reaching their full potential.

What I have discovered is that making a lot of money in real estate wholesaling, Flipping houses, buy and hold investing is extremely difficult unless you have the right formula. On this channel you will learn how to do Real Estate wholesaling, and overall real estate investing. You are going to know how to make a lot of money in real estate even if you have very little money or experience, and regardless of the economy.

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