E147 Long Term Investing & Having Fun With Real Estate with Susan White Livermore

E147 Long Term Investing & Having Fun With Real Estate with Susan White Livermore

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In E147, Susan White Livermore discusses long term investing, learning from her mistakes and how she’s managed to live ‘retired’ for the past 11 years. Susan started investing early, had her ups and downs and has loads of wisdom which this episode digs into. If you’re interested in learning about market indicators to watch for, success mindset and what Susan does to have fun while building wealth in real estate, this episode is for you.

Andrew is a business and economics-educated real estate investor and entrepreneur as well as host of the Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast. Andrew is an advocate of the BRRRR model of investing, owns his own construction company and has built dozens of new construction units and houses. Andrew regularly speaks on topics of economics, development, student rental investing, private lending/borrowing and financing strategies.


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