Ep 001: Overcoming Obstacles Through Leadership and Coaching

Ep 001: Overcoming Obstacles Through Leadership and Coaching

Keyen Lage is a performance coach and leadership consultant who has a unique story to tell. In 2016 he was headed to the NFL after an incredible collegiate career as a linebacker for the University of South Dakota. But a neck MRI on the very same day that he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs ended his dream of playing in the big leagues. He was forced to carve out a massively different career and he has found success and happiness in his work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and others who are looking to live a life of fulfillment.

Listen to this fulfilling Agency For Agents episode with Keyen Lage about his experience in leadership and his unique path to managing others.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

What motivates Keyen and where he finds the most fulfillment in his life and his career.

How Keyen empowers others, especially the people he coaches and mentors.

His work-life balance and how he stays happy and content outside of the professional career world.

How Keyen brings in more money and business opportunities with less effort and the secret behind this!

Connect with Keyen:

Guest Contact Info:

Website- https://www.keyenlage.com/

Website Contact Link- https://www.keyenlage.com/contact

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