EXACTLY What I'd Do If I Was A NEW Real Estate Agent

EXACTLY What I'd Do If I Was A NEW Real Estate Agent

In this real estate training video, I go through every tactic and strategy that I was use if I was a brand new real estate agent starting over again.

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0:00 – Ways to generate real estate leads
3:07 – Real estate lead sources
11:20 – Choosing the right real estate brokerage
14:22 – Real estate prospecting for new clients
29:25 – How to use social media to get real estate leads

Brookstone Realtors: http://bit.ly/2NVLtI8

Brandon is a real estate broker in Michigan and is the CEO of Brookstone Realtors. Real estate coaching is Brandon’s passion. He teaches real estate agents at his company and around the country how to get listings using his reverse selling lead generation system. His mission is to teach real estate agents how to sell without being salesy, he calls it reverse selling.

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  1. Your title hit me right where I am with being a second year agent. My sphere is not generating listings- no one I know is selling or is going to sell their home. In my agency, the 25-35 year agents are listing houses they sold to those sellers years ago

  2. On the 50/50 split, I must have the worst possible deal with my broker. I have 55/45- me being the 45. I could get buyer leads but pay 30% on top of that 55/45. There are no teams to join. I am on my own to do soup to nuts on everything. Should I be interviewing with other brokers? Dah?

  3. Hey Brandon, I joined the program a couple months ago. Great content all around! I was wondering, could you make a script for downsizers? Or maybe suggest what script I could use for them? Thanks!

  4. Hey Brandon when you are following up with for sale by owners and they don’t answer on Monday do you call them again every day that week until they answer? Or just leave a voicemail?

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  6. Thank you for your always beneficial content. Brandon as a new agent I will be targeting the divorcé nitch and the assisted living nitch. What referral fee should I offer on these per referral?

  7. Brandon, thanks for all the relevant real estate information, I love the content. Got licensed last year and I have been following since before. Can you make a video on how agents commission work when it comes to rentals? Even though it is a sellers market right now I have a lot of my SOI that are looking to rent/lease. Thanks in advance

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