EXP Realty for New Agents | Is eXp Realty Beginner-Friendly?

EXP Realty for New Agents | Is eXp Realty Beginner-Friendly?

EXP Realty for New Agents | Is eXp Realty Beginner-Friendly? // Do you want to join eXp Realty or are you considering making the switch to eXp, but would you like an inside look at what the eXp marketing center has to offer first?

Jesse Dau, a real estate agent who recently made the switch to EXP, will provide you with the reasons to switch to EXP Realty and why EXP is hailed as a Beginner-Friendly Realty Company.

On this channel we cover all things eXp realty and real estate training for new agents, so make sure to hit the subscribe button!

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πŸ“² Text, call, or email anytime jesse@realagentnow.com or visit my website https://bit.ly/3jYtdd3

Watch eXp Explained in Under 9 Minutes
βœ… https://bit.ly/3jYtdd3

Watch Comparing eXp Realty Vs. Traditional Brokerage Model
βœ… https://bit.ly/3grCNmA

Video: Virtual Office Environment Tour
βœ… https://bit.ly/2XmCQZk

Full eXp Presentation Deck Presentation
βœ… English https://bit.ly/3dN7VuK
βœ… Spanish https://bit.ly/2WULBc1

Canadian Deck Presentation
βœ… https://bit.ly/2Zby42e

eXp Marketing Center
βœ… https://www.expmarketingcenter.com/

Watch SkySlope Transaction Management-Basic
βœ… https://bit.ly/2AuTnlk

Watch KV Core CRM Information Video
βœ… https://bit.ly/2NOIbDh

Watch KV Lead Machine Video
βœ… https://wi.st/2NT8RTr

Business Model and Earning Opportunities
βœ… https://bit.ly/2ZgCKUX

Teams at eXp
βœ… https://bit.ly/361KR9d

What is eXp Agent Health Care
βœ… http://www.expagenthealthcare.com/

eXp Affiliated Services
βœ… https://explore.exprealty.com/section/affiliated-services/

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