Figure it out with Finder: Investing masterclass

Figure it out with Finder: Investing masterclass

In our second Figure it out with Finder masterclass, our panel of experts will give you the lowdown on all things investing!

From crypto and ETFs to shares and the property market, we’re on hand to help answer the questions you have and give you the info you need to kickstart your path to wealth creation.

Join Finder experts Kylie Purcell (Senior Editor – Investments), Graham Cooke (Property Expert and Head of Consumer Research) and James Edwards (Crypto Writer) for a one-hour virtual chat with Sarah Megginson (Senior Editor – Money). Come and Figure it out with Finder!

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Disclaimer: This is general advice only. Consider your own circumstances, or get advice before you make any decision about the topics discussed. ACL 385509/CAR 432664.

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