Finding a Work-Life Balance in Real Estate

Finding a Work-Life Balance in Real Estate

I am extremely lucky to be loving what I am doing, which can make it hard for me to balance both my work and life outside. One of the best ways for me to help balance all of these things out is setting goals for myself. Setting these goals both with my family and with my work is how I am able to keep a healthy balance.

Willie J. Mandrell is a self-made multi-millionaire real estate investor, broker, coach, lecturer & author. As a buyer, seller, and broker he’s been involved with well over 200 million in real estate transactions. He has been featured in numerous trade magazines and he is a frequent guest on real estate and wealth related podcast, television, & radios shows across the US. Willie is the author of Cash Flow Secrets, a book on real estate investing & finance tips most people are never taught but need to know.

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