First 100 Days: What should a New Realtor DO? (Zoom Coaching eXp Realty Mentorship)

First 100 Days:  What should a New Realtor DO? (Zoom Coaching eXp Realty Mentorship)

New agent about to join Exp Realty. Mentorship and real estate coaching call.
First zoom call: Questions asked: Why are you becoming a real estate agent? What does your ideal life look like?
Actions to be taken: Attend eXp classes with guest pass. Create an ideal schedule.
Second zoom call: Showing tools exp has to offer especially marketing tools.
Third zoom call: Show how to use exp tools (kvcore) to generate internet leads and market on social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, youtube, zoom, text mesages.

This zoom coaching session developed a goal to keep Nicole moving forward. 3 closings by February 28, 2021. This still requires passing the real estate exam, officially joining exp realty, finding clients, getting contracts, and closing.

Strategies we reviewed:
Strategy 1: Have a Why related to real estate for yourself and others. (Mission/belief/goal)
Strategy 2: Create habits that are the foundation to success.
Strategy 3: Prioritize time and create barriers around this. Pay attention to where you are successful and where you get sidetracked.
Strategy 4: Get all your thoughts on paper. Circle the MUSTs that cannot be comprimised. Use this to prioritize which are done first.
Strategy 5: Time block within the time block. Example: 3 hours a day are reserved for real estate. 1.5 hours are to grow and learn and 1.5 hours are to take action and just DO. Be in the practice of DOING.
Strategy 6: Plan for a week, execute the week, review the week, and then make a new game plan based on the successes and hiccups from the week.


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