Flipping Mobile Homes as an investment with Jonathan Tuttle

Flipping Mobile Homes as an investment with Jonathan Tuttle

Get ready to be F.I.R.E.D UP!

Today, we have Jonathan Tuttle, An entrepreneur, and Founder of Midwest Park Capital.

Today, he provides us surprising facts about investing in mobile homes and how you can use the leverage of investing in mobile homes to set you up for retirement.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

This interview covers:
00:45 What does Jonathan do?
1:17 Mobile homes are affordable homes!
2:20 How do you flip a mobile home?
4:10 Mobile homes can give you 3x the cash flow
5:20 What is the average percentage that investors make?
8:30 Taxes on mobile homes
10:00 Cost of mobile homes
12:50 Jonathan’s course
15:20 Flipping mobile homes
17:00 Buying mobile homes
19:20 How did Jonathan get involved with this?
24:20 One word of advice from Jonathan

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