Flipping Properties vs Cash Flow from Rental Income

Flipping Properties vs  Cash Flow from Rental Income

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Flipping Properties vs. Cash Flow from Rental Income which one makes more sense for you?? The choice between these two strategies depends on your financial situation and your goals. The long-term holding strategy is generally more appropriate for those who use real estate as a core portion of their overall investment portfolios. I’m not saying that flipping properties is not a good idea but you just need to go with the best option that makes more sense for you! If you bought a property with the intention to keep it and rent it long term but let’s say your tenant left and its vacant during a sellers market then consider selling if you think it makes sense to.

What I learned from being a landlord is that your tenants are part of your life. If they don’t pay rent it can put you in a really bad financial situation. Tenants do have a lot of rights and sometimes they can abuse them. I’m very lucky I’ve always had great tenants, but I don’t think its only luck, treating them nice has always helped and most importantly following a process like getting their credit report “equifax report”, police check, recent pay stubs, letter of employment, call their references my clients will even tell you by following this process I have been able to eliminate a lot of bad tenants. There are a lot of great tenants and a lot of them want to use you as a reference in the future so they want to be on your good side so it will be easier for them to find a lease next time especially when they live in an area where there is more demand then supply.

I think that Flipping properties is more instant gratification, sometimes for it to be worth it you have to invest a lot of your own time and energy being there that can take time away from your job and you may have to organize it everything yourself, but in most cases you may get a better return in the long run from buying and holding by just renting it out it really depends on the market and timing.


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