From Broke to 4,800 Rentals in 5 Years – Tim Bratz | EP. 033

From Broke to 4,800 Rentals in 5 Years - Tim Bratz | EP. 033
Commercial Real Estate

Today I had my buddy Tim Bratz on the show. Tim is a multi family expert who has accumulated over 4,800 rental units in the last five years. Tim shares details on how you can get started investing in real estate.


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Tim Bratz details how he started in real estate by brokering commercial real estate, and how his very first transaction opened up his eyes that he needed to own real estate. Then, Tim talks about his first deal and all the obstacles he overcame in order to make a profit on that deal.

After doing small deals here and there, Tim talks about how he transitioned to doing the big deals he does today. Tim also reveals how much his real estate portfolio is worth! We spend a lot of time talking about the business side of things and what most people do not realize when it comes to being a business owner.

Tim talks about how he finds these huge multi family deals and the way he analyzes them. He shares a golden nugget on how he turned “not so good” deal into a complete homerun, because he was able to see the deal from a point of view that other investors hadn’t considered.

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