From Flipping Houses to $23M Ground Up Development in 36 Months!

From Flipping Houses to $23M Ground Up Development in 36 Months!

Very grateful for the opportunity to discuss my story and experience with one of the GOATS, Greg Dickerson. We talked about how I’ve been able to go from flipping homes to doing a $23Million Ground Up Multifamily Development in only 36 months.

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Michael Oliver is the visionary behind Purpose Companies, a minority-owned commercial real estate investment and development firm. Their mission is to connect with individuals to help them leverage the power of real estate investing in their pursuit of purpose. Guided by integrity and a servant heart, Michael built this collection of real estate companies to positively impact lives by creating quality sustainable communities for tenants and wealth preservation and cash flow for investors. He’s started and successfully ran several businesses, before flipping roughly 100 single-family homes and moving into multifamily development.

Michael has rapidly increased his knowledge, network, and capabilities rapidly by aligning with some of the most experienced experts in the Multifamily and Business world and is eager to share that experience while building $3Billion in AUM and connecting people and purpose.
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