Guide to Buying New Construction: Why You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent/Realtor

Guide to Buying New Construction: Why You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent/Realtor
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There are many unique things to consider when purchasing new construction. This video offers some valuable tips regarding financing new construction and negotiating offers on new construction. Getting your own realtor or real estate agent for new construction is essential, but that is only one of the 6 important tips in this video.

When purchasing new construction, know the following: it is difficult to lock your interest rate, you need to allow time to close after the certificate of occupancy, and you need to beware of “preferred lenders” that builders recommend.

As far as negotiating new construction, you should get your own realtor, know that pricing is generally more rigid, but also know that there are many other elements you can negotiate.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Difficult to lock rates
02:56 Allow time to close after certificate of occupancy
05:15 Beware of “preferred lenders”
08:56 Why you need your own realtor
10:57 Pricing is more rigid
13:08 More elements to negotiate


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