On today’s podcast, I had my friend Big Mike Zlotnik on! He’s got over $250 million dollars worth of real estate under management. We talked about what kinds of things he’s investing in and what some good practices are for raising capital. We also talked about art of playing in your own game! A lot of people try and be somebody else even when that’s not their talent, market, or what they should be doing. We talked about how to figure out where you should be playing the game and the right type of strategy to be using. On top of that, he talks about his story coming from Russia as a mathematician. Since he is a mathematician, stay through the podcast, things are going to get technical as he shares his knowledge and wisdom with us! Stay until the end to hear about the types of things we will be investing in together and some new ideas for my fund!

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Mike has experience as a mathematician, a career in technology, and has been working in real estate full time since 2009. Even as he’s left his math and technology career, he uses his math skills extensively to be successful in real estate as he analyzes potential projects and investments. To Mike, it’s all about the numbers.

While neither Mike nor myself have lived through a market crash, we talk about ways to survive it. Mike suggests having a diverse portfolio in order to live through a market crash, if one were to come. He also says that one should invest conservatively in order to minimize potential risk and loss in an investment. In my experience, as time passes I do invest in some riskier investments. However, that is specific to my other projects I have going on. If that one investment doesn’t turn out well, it wouldn’t be a big loss to me. This is not the case for all. In Mike’s experience, he has become less risky in his investments and has become more conservative. That’s not to say he doesn’t make any risks, as he’s gotten into hotel conversion to multi-family homes. To Mike, the potential risk is minimized by the potential profit.

Mike also discusses his projects with land. He is a lender for various projects involving land. Without building anything, by changing the zoning for the land, the land owners have increased the value significantly. We also discuss why land appreciates in the current market and why we think it will continue to appreciate.

Mike reiterates that the riches are in the niches meaning that being a jack of all trades may be less profitable than being an expert and specializing in one niche. While this may be true, we both believe evolving as markets and opportunities evolve is beneficial as well. This is where what strategy to use to play the game is vital for success and reaching your goals.

It was a pleasure to have my friend Mike on the show, listen in to hear about his experiences and advice!

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