Hot Texas real estate market has buyers struggling to keep up

Hot Texas real estate market has buyers struggling to keep up
Buying Real Estate

It’s a great time to be a home seller if you have somewhere else to live. Nikki Barringer, a realtor with Dave Perry Miller and a writer for the real estate website Candy’s Dirt, joined Good Day to talk about DFW’s hot, hot housing market.


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  1. so happy i stopped listening to people saying "crash soon"
    bought in a year ago, house went from 550k to 750k
    crash aint gonna happen. banks and govt are trying their hardest to keep people in their homes.
    banks are ONLY giving out loans to people who are qualifying unlike 2006-2008ish where banks gave out 1mill loans to people who sharpen pencils for a living.

  2. I’m happy that we just won our home. My mother is a real estate agent and I’ve been in the real estate seen for about two months now and there’s absolutely no sign of slowing in growth unless supply comes to a stop. Homes are being built at an exponential rate I spoke to one of the North Texas engineers and there’s already plans to build out hundreds of thousands of homes. Some of these remodels done to these homes are absolutely fantastic and people are willing to pay 60,000 over asking price because they know that the renovations done are worth that much. In some cases people do make bad deals and they overpay but that’s their choice. It’s wild to say my hometown blow up. I’m just happy I got a piece of the pie before it’s all gone. Some of the leftover home Look like absolute trash and I would feel bad for anyone who got those unless they have tons of money to remodel. Anyone who doesn’t have money ready to go it’s honestly going to be weeded out of the game. At least in the Dallas area.

  3. I don’t see why American peoples write personal letter, bake cookie, or even promise to name there first born after the owner?
    Like wtf? They selling their home they want the most money for it, not beggar pleading for their home without offering higher price

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