House Flip Update: Painting the Manufactured Home Bought 4/24/2020

House Flip Update: Painting the Manufactured Home Bought 4/24/2020

We bought this flip for $156,000 a couple of months ago and it is close to being finished! It was an easy flip with just paint, flooring, and minor repairs needed! It would be great if all of our flips were this easy. We will spend about $15,000 on the repairs and another $15,000 on other costs and the house should be worth around $225,000 once we are done.

This is a manufactured home that is on a permanent foundation so it will qualify for most financing. Since the kitchen and baths are in decent shape we will keep them almost the same. We painted the cabinets and will paint the counters, but that is about all.

On this house, you do not want to over-improve it because there is a ceiling on values in the neighborhood. We could replace the kitchen and baths and the house may sell for the exact same amount as will not replacing them.

This is the house our first contractor bailed on us on, but it did not hurt us too much. You can see the before and update videos here:

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