House Flipping Ruined His Life (Blames Zillow)

House Flipping Ruined His Life (Blames Zillow)

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Housing flipper from tik tok loses 30K let’s talk about it.

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  1. Your channel saved me from a shady Real Estate Agent. They were trying to push this overpriced home on me and was insistent on me getting a 2-1 buy down. Saying this is not an ARM loan. Also they swear I will be able to refinance next year and I need to buy now before the house prices increase again because they are not going to decline any further than they already are

  2. not to mention all the houses selling at list price with seller buy down is still keeping comps high.. ugh been waiting to buy for over a year and half refused to over pay and then got priced out. lack of rentals in my price range also refuse to overpay on renting. on the side line waiting with our VA loan once they wanna to fix this housing market/ inflation 😃

  3. That guy is probably better off just renting till the market gets better – which will prob be about 2-3 years… at least he owns an asset – some of us are middle aged, and still looking for an "in" in the housing market…

  4. Are you sure about Wells Fargo applications being down 90%!?

    You may be thinking of refinance applications, right?

    I remember you used that number in a video last week so I commented but never got a response.

    Just wanted to make sure the info you’re giving is correct, thanks!

  5. Orlando HELP !!! So I've been getting approved since MARCH of this year of course from the USDA so they finally started to move and communicate. and I was approved. So I have a great interest rate at 3.25% but can't find anything in this market everything is sky high even for trash houses. The rate isn't fixed and I was told it will up on Dec 1st my COE certificate expires in Feb 2023 after that I will only have 2 extensions. I'm so stressed I don't know what to do.

  6. I understand losing money in the hot markets as they turn cold as a flipper, but Ohio, prices are relatively stagnant, most should there is not much of a price decrease or increase on the rustbelt. By the way it is easier to sit on the sidelines when 1, 2 month bonds earn more than long term bonds.

  7. It’s just a matter of proper education and making smart choices. I think this inflated market had fools making money and they thought it would keep going. I would say that these times are really geared towards seasoned investors that really know what they are doing.

  8. All them New Homes in New Orleans, Louisiana that are overprice.Just sitting there waiting for a Buyer…So many homes are just sitting there.

    There was a home that was for sale in the New Orleans area for $130.000(Foreclose Home) the investor purchase it. Then flip it and put it on the market for $280,000 that home had 3 Sale Pending list on it at different times in the last few months….They all must fail thru….that same home is still sitting there waiting for a buyer…a few days ago they decrease the price -$18,000…

  9. Oh, I didn't realize he was in Columbus. yeah, big mistake. Columbus bubbled harder than most other metro areas in the midwest. It was bound to pop. He'll be lucky to sell that 250k for 225 now….

  10. Orlando don't be too hard on Zillow… All their forecast from last 1 year were just missing a big MINUS SIGN. Lot of investors listened to zillows garbage ZESTIMATE and have become bag holders today.

    No wonder they are going Bankrupt 😈😈

  11. You make your money when you BUY, NOT when you sell! Performing proper due diligence is extremely important! Do not let yourself be pressured to pull the trigger on something unless you know ALL THE DETAILS of what you are getting yourself into. If you are being rushed, the safest move is to JUST BACK OFF! Keep it up Orlando!

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