Housing Market Update | July 23, 2020: Should You Buy Real Estate Now?

Housing Market Update | July 23, 2020: Should You Buy Real Estate Now?
Buying Real Estate

Housing Market Update | July 23, 2020: Should You Buy Real Estate Now?

When is the drop coming? When are we going to see foreclosures & short sales?

I have been getting these questions OFTEN for the past 6 months and today I am going to get into the topic of buying real estate in this housing market.

First off: mortgage rates fall below 3%, the lowest in US History. Freddie Mac did a study, that the average, 30 year fixed rate mortgage, is now an average of 2.98%.

Why are mortgage rates so low in the housing market?

Rates drop when demand for bonds and treasury bonds INCREASE. Why is that? Supply and Demand. When you have a lot of individuals trying to go after the same bonds/treasury bonds, the yield tends to go down.

Well again why is that?

Typically, a lot of mortgage lenders will tie their rates with 10-year treasury bonds but not only that but treasuries in general along with the larger bond market.

At the moment, a lot of Investors are buying up 10-year treasuries and bonds, why is that?

I can safely say there is A LOT of volatility and uncertainty, not only in the stock market but the housing market as well. There is a lot of moving pieces right now, mortgage forbearance, commercial real estate issues, the list is endless. And we are all just waiting to see when and how the wave will crash when it does (also the 2nd wave of coronavirus). Just take a look at how the stock market fluctuated since the start of the pandemic and a lot of folks have taken their money OUT of the stock market as well. Because they see that the volatility of the market can jeopardize their investments/retirement accounts (circa…..2008).

AND Bonds are a much lower risk than playing the Stock Market.

The biggest buyer, right now, is the Federal Reserve. They purchased $44 Billion in mortgage backed securities in 2020. As for most of the year, the Federal Reserve spent $2 Trillion dollars in mortgage backed securities & treasury securities.

It’s hard to say what that will do to the Fed’s balance sheet, only time will tell.

Now we are also at a record low for home foreclosures. There was a 44% drop in the beginning of 2020. But that might change in the August this year, with a lot of the programs set to expire for mortgage payments…….buckle up.

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