How Does the 70% Rule Work When Analyzing House Flips?

How Does the 70% Rule Work When Analyzing House Flips?

Many people use the 70% rule when deciding whether a house flip is a good deal or not. The rule states that The purchase price should be The ARV, multiplied by 70%, minus the repairs. This rule can work in some cases, but in many other cases, it does not work well at all.

In this video, I go over a few examples of how it can and cannot work including some of my properties that we recently flipped and sold. You can also make your own rule that may be 70, 75, 65, 80, or some other percentage to decide what works in your area and your market. I prefer to write out the numbers and not use rules at all!

Analyzing flips is not easy but it is easy to get yourself into trouble if you buy the wrong project or pay too much. The 70% rule can cause you to do both if you are not careful!

This article also goes over the details.

Here are a few more videos I discussed:
The house flip we bought for $200,000:
How to Figure ARV:
How to figure repairs:
How to Finance Flips:

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