How I Made Money Buying Real Estate? Real Life Example

How I Made Money Buying Real Estate?  Real Life Example
Buying Real Estate

In this video, I will explain how I made money buying real estate. I will share with you the breakdown of the property value, the expenses incurred and the income generated from one property.

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  1. Few things you didnt mention is the 100k which you paid from your saving.. you need to adjust that with your saving of 1800+500. You also didnt mention anything about the additional taxes you have to pay while doing the transaction(Or is that exempt because its Commercial property). Also, with the current situation, arent the commercial property rates falling? as more org are moving to work from home? Anyways, overall very good video trying to pass positive message..

  2. Interesting Video, more excellent content from this wonderful channel! is there any chance you guys could make a video in the future on the different types of housing in Singapore and their price differences and affordability (such as hbd housing vs condo, etc…) pros and cons, etc..? anyways, again great job, always love seeing more from this channel!

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