How I Pay My Employees For My 7 Figure Businesses…

How I Pay My Employees For My 7 Figure Businesses...

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When it comes to paying your employees, there are four main ways to pay people. You can pay hourly, salary, commission, or bonus.

As far as deciding which one of these payment methods you are going to implement, you have to look at the requirements for that position and see which one fits best! If you’re employing a janitor, there isn’t much of a way for them to generate revenue for the company, so commission doesn’t make sense; you probably don’t need them outside of their shift hours, so salary doesn’t make sense, hourly would be the most logical method for a janitor.

On the other hand, I pay most of my employees on salary because they understand that I may need them outside of their work hours at the office. Because of that, it is only fair if I pay them salary.

With my sales team, it wouldn’t make sense to pay them hourly or salary because then they’re not incentivized to sell more! When you’re running a business, you need to decide what payment methods works best for each desired role. As a bonus tip, I encourage you to give your employees bonuses, or any sort of compensation that encourages them to go above and beyond their daily tasks. In this episode, I talk about why I recommend using that strategy.


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  1. Honestly, yeah, when I see commission it kind of scares me because what if nothing sells. But I’m going to try it!! I’m done with M – F 9 – 5!! I need to do this already!!

  2. It also allows individuals to show their true potential on what they can do instead of just doing things safely and or the bare minimum in my opinion at-least when working on salary.

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