How Matt is Flipping 20+ Mobile Homes?

How Matt is Flipping 20+ Mobile Homes?

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John Fedro’s channel is a FREE mobile home investing crash-course for anyone looking to become a mobile home investing pro. Learn more secrets, tricks, and behind-the-scenes lessons while flipping, wholesaling, and cash-flowing mobile homes in parks (also, on private land)!
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Over the past 10+ years I’ve been documenting whats been working in my business & the 100s of mobile home investors helped nationwide. Learn FREE how other investors are making quick profits flipping/wholesaling or long term cash-flow with mobile homes in parks and on private land.
Do you want access to John Fedro, mobile home investing step-by-step detailed instructions, lessons, recorded phone calls to buyers, sellers, and park manager? How about contracts, scripts, checklists, cheat-sheets, deal analysis software for mobile homes you find? Hard work is required!! Find out more if this is right fit for you at the link below.

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In the short time Matt has been investing in mobile homes he has already started cash flowing over 20 mobile homes. Plus, flipping and wholesaling other mobile homes for immediate cash. Matt is helping sellers and buyers in his local areas. Matt tells his full investing story here on YouTube.

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Jump to sections below:
0:00 Intro
3:00 Sales to Bootcamp at 31
4:00 Real estate experience
5:30 Who is mobile home investing for?
6:10 Working for yourself
8:00 Networking with investor-friends
12:20 Investing full-time now
14:00 selling multiple deals at once
16:30 Partnering with park owners
18:40 Partnering with brother
20:00 Why join the military at 31?
22:30 Giving back
25:40 Talk about your deals please
26:30 Juggling 25+ mobile home deals
31:00 Do this in other states?
35:30 Handyman mistakes & lessons
43:00 Wholesaling for cash in 5 days
54:00 Staying positive to keep grinding
55:00 Wrap it up


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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I’m in the same boat you were in at first. I just finished my first rehab in a park and it’s been for sale for almost 3 months. I realize that I did more than I should have on that rehab for that park. Lesson learned! It takes that one special person to want to live there and then be park approved. Thanks for giving me some hope that it will sell.

  2. Hello John Fedro
    I watch your videos, and I ask myself if in Southern California (Los Angeles County line with Orange County) would b able to find a mobil home investment?

  3. Wow great show. I’m 49 and I’ve been watching John now for about 9 months. I’m building up a savings to pay for the course and have some starting capitol.
    I think I’ll be ready in about six months. I can really relate to your guest, about the same age and thinking how do I do this while working full time. My goal is to get out of my full time job in a couple of years.

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