How To Attract Real Estate Clients (And Keep Them) | Real Estate Clients (Experience Is Everything)

How To Attract Real Estate Clients (And Keep Them) | Real Estate Clients (Experience Is Everything)

Do you want to know How To Attract Real Estate Clients and keep them like a top producer? First step to get Real Estate Clients is to understand client experience is everything.

Ashley graduated with a degree in City Planning from UCDavis and practiced City Planning in CA before returning to her home state of NM. Knowing she was always an entrepreneur at heart, Ashley began her RE business 9 years ago winning Rookie of the Year her first year and quickly growing a thriving business. She began building a team four years ago and currently has a small team of three agents (including her) and admin staff. She will close out $36m in volume and 103 units for 2021. Ashley has three children (ages 8,6, & 2) and has grown her family and her business simultaneously.

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Topics Discussed:
Topic 3: Client Experience
β€’ Changing your vocabulary from customer service to customer experience
β€’ Golden rule – treat others how you want to be treated
β€’ Platinum rule – treat others how others want to be treated
β€’ Drawing the line with clients – you have to find the balance
β€’ You have to go full throttle the first two years of the business
β€’ Business and family


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