How to become Effective Real Estate Professional online – Tuthowto

How to become Effective Real Estate Professional online - Tuthowto
Social Media Marketing

How to become Effective Real Estate Professional online – Tuthowto

Your visual identity on each social network is the first step to building a brand that’s easily
discoverable online. Also, it’s critical that you have specific keywords within your profiles which
make you discoverablewhenever someone in your city or town runs a search for realtor or real estate
agent.By having a professional headshot as your profile photo on each social network,you can
establish consistency across each channeland verify that you’re indeed the same person. Although this
is social media,it’s essential for a potential client to get a sense that you’re friendly and
welcoming. As seen in the example, Chris Heller has a professional headshot and appears to be likable
with his smile. Chris also identifies in his profilethat he’s an owner broker of one of the nation’s
top teams for 30 years and has sold over 4000 homes in San Diego. His cover photo loudly
displaysthat he serves the San Diego area. What Chris has done here is establish upfront credibility
in a specific market which you should aim to do as well.As seen in the example, on Facebook,
LinkedIn, and Twitter, ensure that you have a cover photo which brands you as a local real estate
agentand enter your website as well as phone number whenever possible.Therefore, it’s easy for a
potential client to get in touch with you.To create a cover photo, go to canva.comand choose from a
variety of templates for free.Now that you have the basics covered,you’re ready to optimize each
channelwith a username and searchable phrases and keywords.First, whether it’s on LinkedIn,Twitter,
Instagram or Facebook,your username should be consistent on all networksas you will likely add your
usernameto your marketing collateral if you aren’t already.Let me give you an example.Danny Phee is
also known as the Vegas agentor the Vegas real estate agent virtually everywhere.It’s the brand that
he has createdas a Las Vegas real estate agent.Notice that Danny’s profile photois the same on each
channel which verifies his identityand forms consistency.Also, he’s smiling and appears
friendly.Similar to Danny, aim to have a usernamewhich contains either your first and last namewith
the word realtor or real estate agentor mix and match the city where you livealong with real
estate.Similar to how you find anyoneor anything with the Google search,finding professional service
providerson social media works the same.The example you see on the screenis an Instagram search for
hashtag Las Vegas realtorwhereby over 42000 results appear.In order to be found by a potential
client,there are must-have search phrasesand keywords which go in your contentand on your profiles on
each major social networkto place you in a prime position to be discoveredsuch as your city real
estate, your city homes for sale,your city real estate agent, new listing in your city,and your city
realtor.As seen in Danny Phee’s Instagram account,Danny has keywords including Las Vegas realtorand
Vegas homes which easily identify himas a local real estate agent in Las Vegaswhenever someone finds
him in search results.Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles tend to rank highon Google search results,
therefore,it’s essential that you complete your aboutand summary sections to include a combination of
keywords,search phrases such as your city real estate agentas well as your website and phone numberto
ensure that you’re easily discoverable and reachable.Being found on social media is no differentthan
your website search ranking on Google.You must have keywords and phrases in your profilesto be
discovered by a potential client. Industry and local groups on LinkedInand Facebook are great for
growing your connectionsas well as building you referral network. The rest you will read in this
video. Questions are always welcome

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