How To Borrow Against Stocks To Buy Real Estate

How To Borrow Against Stocks To Buy Real Estate
Buying Real Estate

This week Dan Blackwell explains how you can use a pledged asset line of credit to borrow against your stock portfolio to invest into real estate.

Dan Blackwell & Team has specialized in Multifamily Investment Sales since 2008 and currently leads the Orange County Multifamily Investment Sales division for CBRE. Dan’s focus is to help investors make the most prudent business decisions with their investments.

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DISCLAIMER: Dan Blackwell, including but not limited to any guests in his videos, are not financial advisors, or brokers. They are solely sharing their personal experience and opinions; therefore, all strategies, tips, and recommendations shared are solely for entertainment purposes. For investment advice please seek the counsel of a financial/investment advisor(s); and conduct your own due diligence.


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