How to buy a rental house for $0

How to buy a rental house for $0
Buying Real Estate

How to buy a rental property with 0 down payment, while most people struggle to gather down payment required to start with real estate investing.

In the last video, I showed how to buy real estate with $100 via REITs. While REITs provide rental cash flows via dividends and appreciation, they don’t provide leverage like owning a real house to build wealth fast. Buying a real house however requires a large down payment along with a mortgage.

Home owners can benefit from rising house prices with cash out refinancing. They can free up equity and use it for down payment, refinancing costs and closing costs on a rental property. The rental property then can generate rental cash flows and also become a good retirement plan.

Real estate investors do have to be careful about risks of increased monthly payments, increased debt, rental vacancies and a potential housing market crash. However, they can use risk mitigation strategies such as checking their financial capacity and increasing emergency funds.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Recap: REITs, real estate with $100
1:17 Leverage
2:37 Down payment road block
3:12 Cash out refinancing
6:46 Benefits
8:05 Risks
10:04 Risk mitigation

Disclaimer: this video is for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not a financial advice.


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  1. Informative video Ajinkya.
    Do you know what the tax implication is of the additionally refinanced amount used to finance the rental property? Does that part go towards Box-3? The question is in the context of the Netherlands.

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