How To Buy A Triplex In Your 20s

How To Buy A Triplex In Your 20s
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In this video, Chandler David Smith shows how to buy a triplex in a competitive market. His friend, @mark_willmore recently purchased a turn-key property that cashflows over $8,000 per year, at the current rate. They both break down why they chose to hire a management company for this rental, because of the time and stress it will save them. If you have wondered, should I hire a management company? Is a management company worth it for real estate investing? How much money do I need to buy a rental property that cashflows? What is the best real estate for cashflow? What is the best real estate to buy first? Then you need to watch this video until the end, because chandler shares his TOP secrets and tips to getting the best deal on the best investment properties.

Chandler David Smith has been investing in real estate for 9 years, and owns over 150 units of real estate that are currently valued between $20-25 million, and he has been educating others how to grow similar portfolios through strategic investing and proper negotiation. He also enjoys spending time with his sales reps, and teaching them how to not only make money to buy real estate, but how to save that money, build good credit, and invest that money to set them up for a lifetime with passive income. If you have wondered, how to save money for real estate? How to get money to buy real estate? How to fund a downpayment for real estate? How can I save for a down payment to buy a home? go to:

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