How to Buy Your First Flip House | Real Estate Investing for Beginners!

How to Buy Your First Flip House | Real Estate Investing for Beginners!

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Have you been trying to buy your first fix and flip deal? In this video, I give you actionable tips on everything you need to do to find that first deal and all the components you need to line up before starting the project. From finding the deal to securing the financing and setting up your team, I’m going into all the key details you MUST prepare to have a successful project!

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Lior Rozhansky is a 27 Year Old Real Estate Entrepreneur. Lior Bought his first rental property at the age of 23, and has been continuing to grow ever since. Today he owns more than $11 million dollars worth of rental property with his partners in the Boston area!

Lior is passionate about real estate investing, and specifically rental property investing. He truly believes that buying rental property is the best way anyone, from any background, can create substantial wealth.

Lior did not come from a wealthy family or know anyone in the real estate field (he went to school to try and become a doctor!) but has been able to use the thoughts, tactics, and strategies he shares on this channel to build out an amazing rental property portfolio.

Lior tells you exactly how it is! You get No Fluff or Guru Talk from Him!

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How to Buy Your First Flip House | Real Estate Investing for Beginners!


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