how to calculate buying someone out of a house when inheriting a house with siblings

how to calculate buying someone out of a house when inheriting a house with siblings
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Often times when helping my clients sell an estate house the situation of buying someone out of a house comes up. What do I mean by this? Well it could be any beneficiary, but typically I’m referring to how to buy out a sibling on shared property. This video will cover how to calculate buying someone out of a house as well as steps and common situations that the estate executor may have to handle.

00:00 Intro
01:55 always obtain legal council
02:19 What happens when you inherit with siblings?
02:50 Make a plan
03:25 Keep things fair and professional
04:10 get an appraisal
06:25 determine everyones share of the property
07:55 thinking about avoiding probate? You need a Trust
08:20 Determine how everyone will be paid
09:12 Make it legally binding
10:20 When you can’t come to an agreement
11:39 Outro

Here at Horizon Real Estate we care about helping you, as the estate executor, administrator or trustee. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the probate process, and to help you get the most money quickly from your estate house or trust property.


Have a probate house or house in a trust and need guidance on how to prepare and sell? Think of this channel as your real estate resource.

If you’re an executor or administrator and want a free copy of my book “What To Do When You’re Responsible For Real Estate A Loved One Leaves Behind” Or, if you’re a trustee and want a free copy of “Exactly What To Expect As Trustee For Real Estate A Loved One Leaves Behind” simply call my office at 619-741-0111.

I’m a full time REALTOR in San Diego, California with Horizon Real Estate. I’m an expert at helping executors, administrators and trustees with probate houses and houses in a trust. A wife, mom to three grown sons and a daughter, plus She-she (that’s my grandma name) to the two cutest, smartest and busiest kids.

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