How to create content real estate part 1

How to create content real estate part 1
Commercial Real Estate

Owning your authority as a content creator is a fancy way of saying “release your life experiences and lessons into the world.”

I give my secret tip about not being afraid to go live and being ready to rock it when you do. and @iamgwenk agreed it was a good idea.

Please like share and follow – Lord knows I need the help getting the word out.

I also talk about using #capcut and #inshot for editing.

I am moving more into the creative content aspect of real estate because it brings me so much joy to create and share.

I’ll be putting up tutorials on YouTube soon.

I’m actually trying to start a side business of editing and creating real estate videos for professionals and firms.

I’m putting myself out there because you should too.

Love ya ❤️

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