HOW to DOMINATE PROBATE LEADS as a Beginner in Wholesaling Real Estate!

HOW to DOMINATE PROBATE LEADS as a Beginner in Wholesaling Real Estate!

HOW to DOMINATE PROBATE LEADS as a Beginner in Wholesaling Real Estate!

In todays video Rick Ginn shares how to dominate probate leads as a beginner in wholesaling real estate & the top 6 reasons why probates are PERFECT for beginners in wholesaling real estate and WHY YOU NEED to Start pulling probates as a beginner for massive success in wholesaling real estate!

Probates are one of the best lists for wholesaling real estate and you need to take advantage of pulling probates for big profits and deals as a beginner in wholesaling real estate!

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Flip with Rick is a Real Estate Education Company Founded by Rick Ginn and Run by him and his son Zach Ginn. Zach Ginn is 21 years old and runs all of Rick’s real estate investing operations in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Together they run the largest real estate wholesaling and investing operation on the Treasure Coast.

Rick Started Real Estate Investing in 2004 has been full time ever since quitting his job in the same year. Since 2004 Rick has personally done over 1,000 real estate deals! Zach Ginn started in 2017 after quitting his bag boy job and started by himself before joining forces with Rick after he made over $100,000 in wholesale fees in High School.

Together Flip with Rick has Mentored over 10,000 real estate students Become Complete Real Estate Investors! We specialize in Wholesaling Real Estate, Fix and Flips, Wholetails, Rental Properties, Creative Finance, Subject To’s, and Lease Options.

Rick & Zach truly Do what we teach and have the results in our business to back it up! We Are Not Gurus we are REAL ESTATE INVESTORS! Flip with Rick is built for real estate investors by real estate investors!

Rick and Zach Tell It Like It Is! You get No Fluff or Guru Talk from Them. They avoid the flashy luxury cars and watches for showing off 6 figure real estate deals and results from their students.

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