How To EARN £10,000 A Month Flipping Property Deals (Beginner Friendly)

How To EARN £10,000 A Month Flipping Property Deals (Beginner Friendly)


Properfreedom was created by Property Entrepreneurs, Tom Wade &
Tomasz Tchorzewski.

Between them, they have 17+ years of experience, despite only being 30 years of age. They have done hundreds of deals between them, including lease options, rent-to-rent deals, serviced accommodation, developments, buy-to-lets, and other creative property strategies you might have not heard about.

Paying clients have collectively done over 1,000+ creative property deals over the past decade, this is a stat we are truly proud of, and it’s our north star here at PF.

Co-founder, Tom Wade pioneered creative property investing back in 2014, primarily Remote Flipping where he finds, secures, and flips deals for £3,000 – £20,000 a pop without ever actually meeting the homeowners or the investors in person. He applies the methods he learned in the United States, securing property with option agreements, and assigning the deal, allowing you to triple, or even quadruple what an average sourcing fee would give you.

Tom has taught many notable teachers in the industry today, as well as thousands of ordinary people from all around the world.

Due to the innovative methods Tom teaches, many traditional investors didn’t believe you could run the business remotely, causing scam accusations, among many other false claims and online attacks. The false beliefs were exposed when the pandemic hit, forcing the industry to adopt Tom Wade’s methods, which were originally taught by Tom back in 2014.

Go back and watch this interview from 2015, to see for yourself:

This leads us to today.

A year ago, Tom formed a partnership with Property practitioner, Tomasz Tchorzewski.

Tomasz Tchorzewski is firstly a Property Investor and has quietly been practicing what he preaches for 7 years. He currently has an ongoing development (30 bungalows) with a GDV of £5,500,000, which is now 95% sold… He does NOT claim to be a guru or to be the biggest landlord, or developer. He simply loves helping people get started in the industry even if they are brand new and have little cash to begin with.

Tomasz Tchorzewski is a mentor at PF, and focused on teaching creative strategies and building the systems and technology to streamline the operations for our new clients.

The mission now is simple… bringing these two minds together, to innovate the industry by combining proper creative strategies, with unique and specialist direct response marketing, and easy-to-use, bespoke technology for the average person.

What does this mean for you exactly?

You can start from wherever you are starting, and leverage our knowledge, systems, automation, and processes to replace or grow your income quicker than ever before….and will help you each step along the way.

We focus on doing what we teach and work with investors and homeowners through our sister brand, We love to do deals and partner with our clients.

Let’s work together:
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PS: If you want to get rich quick without commitment, work ethic, and never giving up, don’t watch this channel.

Income Disclaimer:

*Results are not typical and will vary from person to person. Making Money from Property, business, and real estate, takes time, dedication, and hard work. The success of Tom Wade, Tomasz Tchorzewski collectively, and testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, and dedication.

[Like the gym, you must show up, do it, be consistent, and never give up].


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