How To Find The Right Person To Coach You #Shorts

How To Find The Right Person To Coach You #Shorts

Everyone will try to coach you and take your money, so make sure the person coaching you has actually done the work and achieved the results you want.

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Jay Kinder is the Co-founder of the National Association of Expert Advisors and co-host of the popular podcast, Face to Face with Jay Kinder and Michael Reese. Together they are taking their proven track records as successful mega agents and are doing what nobody else in the real estate industry has been willing to do. Focusing on agent productivity. In the 127 Billion dollar real estate industry, where none of the major brands manage the customer experience, they’ve carved out a niche by doing what Steve Jobs found to be true. Saying no more than saying yes. Rather than selling to the masses of marginal agents as most new technologies have, they decided to only focus on agents that have set out to be the local expert. By partnering with agents they have been able to add more value to those agents, ramping up their businesses to market dominating positions. It’s working too, as the Inc. 5000 has awarded them one of the fastest growing companies in America for six years in a row.

In November of 2017, they made a move that nobody saw coming. Priding themselves on being radically open-minded and always seeking a better way, they partnered with longtime friend and client Al Stasek and joined eXp Realty where together they are growing their enterprise in the U.S. and Canada with Global expansion on the horizon. This partnership has allowed them to completely align with agents that want to grow their business and take advantage of the unparalleled revenue share program offered exclusively through eXp Realty. Their passion has allowed them to surround themselves with the best mentors in the world as they continue to focus on their own personal growth. That growth has translated to one of the fastest growing revenue sharing groups in eXp with a focus on agent success at the core of their strategy.

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