How To Get More Listings From Landlords

How To Get More Listings From Landlords

Wanna know why you’re afraid to start? Let say you have the skillset, and you know that you can put a lot of effort into your business, but you are still afraid to jump. Why? Because you don’t know the first step. And this training will help you to take that first step!

Together with Shane Voth, The Top Producer on the #1 Team at the #1 Remax Worldwide. We will share with you How To Get More Listings From Landlords!

We will be talking about Where you can find rentals, Why the Script works, How to set up an appointment, What you need to do during the appointment, and How to handle Objections. This training will equip you to get those listings and take action.

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This Channel Was Made To Take Any Real Estate Agent From Any Background & Give Them Multiple Solutions To Their Business Growth.

Every Week We’ll Be Revealing Out Of The Box And Unique Strategies Most People Have No Idea Exist.

Some Topics Include

– Selling 600-700+ New Construction Units A Year
– Breaking $100k On Using Only Tik Tok & Instagram
– Closing 2 Deals A Month Using Free Facebook Groups And More

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-Brad Van De Walle


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