How To Invest In Property In 2020… Buy To Let UK Tips For Your Property Business

How To Invest In Property In 2020... Buy To Let UK Tips For Your Property Business
Buying Real Estate

Property investing in 2020 is going to be VERRRY interesting because it’s still such an uncertain market… So if you’re unsure how to invest in property in 2020 this one’s for you.

The buy to let uk property market is always changing, but as we all know, in recent years there has been some SAVAGE changes and if you already have a property business yuou’ll already be aware of this.

In this video I want to share what I feel is impacting the uk property market and also give youj a load of property investment tips and tricks to help you grow your property business throughout 2020.

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I really hope you found this property investing video helpful

Here’s to your success… Tony Law | Your First Four Houses


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  1. Tony I have a plot of land but no money to build on it in north London….I haven’t worked for two years due to circumstances. But I have a have over £450k equity in my property. And had lived on my savings so far……. I would like to get into the property game with the equity I have. And would do a joint venture on my land. Some advice would be great.👍

  2. I’m a disabled single mum with a chronic illness and desperately want to get off benefits. I can only see me being interested in HMOs as they bring in the best income. Do you know of any mortgages I can use for the purpose of buying an hmo, that will lend to me despite me not working? I’d really appreciate your advice.

  3. Hi Tony, loving the videos!
    I've been unable to watch the second and third vid of the mini course. Is there something I need to click in order to show i've completed the first video?
    Many thanks

  4. Thanks for all the great advice, you talk about being tax efficient. I currently have just one house and need to look at this in detail, is there any way to identify which accountants are going to be able to help best with this, obviously for as little expenditure as possible 🙂

  5. Hi Tony, can you answer the following question? If I am looking to buy a 2nd home, mindful of the additional stamp duty; would I be able to reclaim the difference (higher SD minus standard rate) if I sold my current home and moved in to the 2nd property within 3 years; if” I had first let the 2nd property before doing so, say for the first 12 months?

  6. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the video. Which is the better way to invest in ltd company Btl properties: raise money from my residential property or from other Btls (private landlord)?
    Appreciate your help.

  7. Once ive got a 25% deposit saved up to buy a property to let. Can i then get more of the same and buy include the deposit in with the mortgage if im getting the propery at a discounted rate?

  8. Very insightful video as usual. Quick bit of advice if possible. I have around £160k equity in my current BTL plus around £50k savings. I will be looking at adding another BTL when corona blows over as there’ll definitely be some bargains around. Could I in theory refinance to buy 2 or even 3 more BTL properties or would it be more sensible to use my savings instead and maybe just add the one? Thanks, Paul

  9. I have only just discovered your channel and so new to this whole world but love your down to earth approach, your humility and time to explain things well! Thank you sir!

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