How To Make $1 Million In Two Years

How To Make $1 Million In Two Years

I checked out my students’ house flips where they shared how they are each going to be making over a million dollars this year!


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Clint and Hector each talk about how they’re going to make a million dollars in profit in their first and second years as house flippers! Their stories go to show how with the right coaching and work ethic, you too can make a successful career in real estate investing. Both guys are scaling their real estate investing businesses to a high level.

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  1. I’d love to make $300,000+ my first year flipping and I know it’s possible, and I’d love to show my family and friends what’s possible with the right education, mindset, and mentorship!

  2. I would love the course! The first year flipping i would love to make $300,000+. That would be used to encourage my family that we can have generational wealth

  3. My goal would be to make 300,000 thousand to be able to quit both jobs that I currently work and to help my parents out and be able to help my little sister with her lawyer education that she wants to pursue.

  4. Hello, I am also in the Atlanta area and I have been very interested in flipping homes in the area. I truly believe your course and the connection with others in the area will give me all the tools I need in order to be successful. I hope you give me this once in a life time opportunity.

    Sincerely, Dontaveus

  5. My first year of flipping I plan to profit a minimum a $1,000,000 . I’m sure the information you teach in your course will be more than helpful. Just have to apply it and grind. 🙌

  6. I have been wanting for over a decade to do flipping, I was a realtor shortly before the market crashed and left me scared. But I’m ready now and would like to do $100k my first year 🙏🏼

  7. I’m a sophomore in college so I haven’t had a “real” job yet since being focused on school. That being said, my expectations aren’t as high right now so I’d like to make about 40k my first year! 🙌🏽 Sine I’m still learning about real estate investing, I plan to wholesale first and then maybe work into being a flipper! If all goes well I then plan on making 100k or even more my second year. Love the content man, very inspiring! 👍🏽

  8. My first year of flipping, I would love to make a minimum of 300k. Currently my grandparents are letting me use the equity in their personal home to get started, but I don't know where to start. Besides that, flipping houses would provide a lot of great content for my channel.

  9. I wanna make 7,777,777$ my first year flipping houses. Why that number? cause you must to set high goals and 7 digits of "7" is a lucky number which makes it even more possible.😏

    Good luck to you all! 😎💰

  10. I've been subscribed.

    I am going to make 500k in profit within 365 days of me flipping. I am open and receptive to all that the has universe has to offer me. Abundance for my community for sure.

  11. I’ve been dreading to make a change in my life for some time now. Been scared to take the leap for a few years now. I really want to learn from you, Ryan. But i’m over here in CA who works a reg 9-5 who can’t leave my family. I hope I can jumpstart my own business in real estate coached by you, Ryan in person. I wish I can make 500k a year with the help of your program. More time for my family and financial freedom is the goal and the life I dream.

  12. If I was to get the course I would do around $400,000 my first year, I wouldn’t stop until it happened. I just done my first flip at 25 and I am not ready to quit

  13. I’m 21 years old. Im a licensed real estate agent here in Atlanta. I would really like to get myself involved with flipping homes like this. Im trynna make 500k my first year.

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