How To Plan And Manage Your Own House Rehab and Save up to 50%

How To Plan And Manage Your Own House Rehab and Save up to 50%

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👁 About this video:
How To Plan And Manage Your Own House Rehab and Save up to 50%

Real Estate Coach Dan Rochon of Consistent and Predictable Income Coaching talks to Van Sturgeon about some tips and strategies in planning your house rehabilitation.

Learn how you can save 30%-50% on a house renovation and save a considerable number of dollars on this exclusive video.
👋 About this channel: 

Consistent and Predictable Income Coaching is the ONLY system that teaches the proprietary process of CPI, which is the key to having Consistent and Predictable Income for real estate agents without letting time, money, and relationships fall through the cracks.

Consistent and Predictable Income Coaching helps real estate agents achieve their goals in a manner that works for the agent – this is not a one size fits all real estate agent coaching program.

Our real estate agent coaching believes that real estate agents should use their God-given strengths so that they succeed in their CPI Strength Zones instead of struggling with what does not work or with what they hate to do.

Are you a real estate agent often worried that you will not be able to have consistent closings?  

Maybe you have had your best month ever in real estate sales, and you are not sure if you can do it again because you feel it was just luck.

The biggest problem that you might have as a real estate agent is inconsistent income. You might worry about earning your next paycheck, and how will you pay your rent or mortgage, car bill, or feed your kids?

Inconsistent deals can cause you to feel physical anxiety. You might worry about where the industry will go in the future.

Real estate agents and other sales professionals tune into the Consistent and Predictable Income Coaching YouTube channel to learn how to: Systematically find and convert buyers and sellers best. Achieve regular closings and paydays. Have a plan and receive settlements every January, February, March, and every other month of the year. When you view the videos on this channel and implement the simple strategies described, you will learn how to have consistent closings as a real estate agent that will allow you the energy and vitality to focus on doing the things you love to do.  

You will have the process and belief to duplicate sales results and then have the time to spend with other people and do your essential activities in sales. You will be able to create a life by design.

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