How To Rehab a House In 10 Steps : Interview with a Contractor

How To Rehab a House In 10 Steps : Interview with a Contractor

In this video we chat with owner of Ultra Elite Group, Larry Wilson. He is an experienced real estate investor and contractor with over a decade of experience rehabbing, flipping and renting properties. He tells us step by step, how to rehab a house, and ups and downs of this type of real estate investing. You’ll also get to hear about his current real estate investing project in Indianapolis, IN. I’ll post another video soon showing the rehab process of that house!

Summary below:
Intro: Larry Wilson, Ultra Elite Group
10 steps to rehab a house 4:20
Rewards of rehabbing a property vs tedious side 9:34
12:32 Dealing with unexpected repairs and expenses
14:17 Criteria for purchasing a house to rent or flip
15:48 Current rehab project status (sneak peak)
17:54 Words of Wisdom to real estate investors

Business info:
Larry Wilson
Owner, Ultra Elite Group
Indianapolis, IN

Links for real estate investors: (Robert Kiyosaki)


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