How to Retire Early with Real Estate | Tips from a Real Estate Entrepreneur

How to Retire Early with Real Estate | Tips from a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Real estate has created more millionaires than anything else. One of the best parts? If done the right way, real estate can also create time freedom for you the live your very best life. Noelle sits down with Tinika Williams as she shares how she retired from flipping houses to now living her life in beautiful Costa Rica.

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Noelle Randall

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro
1:28 How Tinika Williams Made Money in Real Estate
4:17 Fix and Flips
7:23 The Nightmare Real Estate Seminar
13:24 Learn, Do, Teach
14:30 Why Noelle Started a YouTube Channel
15:18 The Life of a Fix and Flipper
17:45 Taking Your Business International
20:30 The Freedom, Finances, and Flexibility to Live Life on Your Terms

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