How to start investing in Real Estate – Flipping, Wholesaling, Renting

How to start investing in Real Estate - Flipping, Wholesaling, Renting

In this video I will discuss if you should start out in Real Estate Investing with Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, or buying rentals. Please be smarted than most people and don’t get your Real Estate Plan from watching HGTV shows. They don’t give you the real pictures. I’m a real investor who gives you practical advice. If you are into Financial Indepence, F.I.R.E. Real Estate Investing, and Passive Income… then this channel is the right place for you.

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  1. Awesome video thank you for sharing! Is your strategy moving forward with new purchases for longer term rentals or short term? With Covid it has led me to believe that longer term rentals are safer for the foreseeable future but I would love to get your take. Thank you!

  2. Ok so whose going to pay for these houses? I don't have any money to buy a house. It's too much work. I dont want to flip houses. Whose gonna do the work? Not me…..
    I bought a house once. For 6 months long story short ended in heartbreak dont know if I can do that again. I've worked enough being a mom for so many years. Too exhausting

  3. Who loans you the money for 8 houses? Uh no one ever. Do you realize how hard that is to get loans for one house let a lone 8. Even if with our high income and great credit scores. We still get denied

  4. Nah I'm too impatient . Just gonna live on veterans benefit. Dont want to wait that long lololol. Do I sound lazy? Yes because I'm done working. I wanna do what I wanna do. And I've never gotten paid working. Mommy that's what I do for work

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