How to Wholesale Real Estate With No Money – Ask Flip Man You Live Show 118 [Flippinar]

How to Wholesale Real Estate With No Money - Ask Flip Man You Live Show 118 [Flippinar]

Here’s your opportunity to get your wholesaling real estate and investing questions answered LIVE and on the replay of this video in the comments section.

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Here are some of the real estate investment questions for this weeks show:

+ ​I’m wholesaling 4 separate properties that are a package deal from the seller. Do I need to create 4 separate pans s contracts for each property or can I put all 4 of them on the same contract???

+ ​As a realtor. How can i do Wholesaling?

+ What type of bandit signs do you recommend? More Professional or More “Tacky”?

+ Can we wholesale houses with a mortgage on it? Because my attorney told me I can’t assign bank owned properties? do we just refer it to our listing agent ? & does the property have to be free & clear?


+ Hi Ty, I asked this earlier this week – what form of payment do you give to the seller (check, cash) for earnest money?

+ Do you feel pursuing properties with code violations are viable prospects and if so how do I get a list of them?

+ What do you have to do (if anything) to wholesale houses in another state?

+ I have heard that In Ohio, u cant “Flip a Contract” you have to own free and clear to market. Have u heard of any difficulties wholesaling in Ohio?

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