HOW TO WIN IN A HOT REAL ESTATE MARKET | Buying a house in Multiple Offers

HOW TO WIN IN A HOT REAL ESTATE MARKET | Buying a house in Multiple Offers
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With how hot Canadian real estate markets are right now, buying a house in Canada can feel almost impossible. Canadian house prices are rising, and it seems almost every house is now seeing multiple offers, bidding wars and selling so quickly some first time home buyers don’t even get a chance to see it before it sells. So how do you buy a house in a bidding war or multiple offers? On this Episode of Bald Prairie Real Estate, I am going to give you seven strategies and tips to help you win a multiple offer situation.

If you use these seven tips and strategies to win a multiple offer situation, you will have a much better chance of not being in a bidding war or winning that multiple offer and buying a house in Canada, even in those hot Canadian real estate markets.

In a hot real estate market, you need to be prepared to look at homes with the intention of making a decision to buy that house the day that you see it. When you are looking to buy a house that is likely going to be a bidding war unfortunately you cannot wait. If you wait it will likely be sold by the time you make that decision.

Money isn’t what motivates every seller. At every step of the process in buying a house you want to try and gather as much information about the sellers but also your competition. For example, if you find out that the sellers have bought another house and that a possession date that matches moving into that new house focus on that. Offering them more money but not a possession date that works for them might not help you win that multiple offer. The buyer that offered them a possession day that works is likely the one that is going to win the multiple offer and buy the house.

The best way to avoid a bidding war or multiple offer situation is to not get into one in the first place. A good buyer’s agent is going to focused on finding houses that have not yet hit the market or are just coming on the market. If you are able to find a house that is not yet on the market see if you can make an offer to the sellers before it hits the market. When a listing is new on the market you want to try and get to see it right away. That will give you time to gather information about the property and make the strongest offer you can if it ends up in a multiple offer situation.

Making a pre-emptive or bully offer is another way to avoid a bidding war. But it many Canadian real estate markets this may not be an option. A pre-emotive or bully offer is when a buyer makes an offer to the sellers before the seller has indicated they will review offers. Most Canadian housing markets give the sellers the option to not receive any offers before a set date. If this applies in your housing market a bully offer will do you no good. It is an aggressive strategy, but it is a tool in your toolbox when buying a house in Canada.

There was a time in Canadian real estate that all offers were presented directly to sellers by the buyer’s agent. Today fewer buyers’ agents are presenting offers to sellers. But this strategy allows you to put all that knowledge you have gathered about the sellers into action. You know what motivates the sellers so you know how to craft an offer that will be appealing to the sellers and your agent knows best how to present that offer so that you have the best chance of winning a multiple offer.

[0:00] Introduction
[1:14] Another Bad Dad Joke
[1:28] Being prepared to buy a house
[2:46] Gathering information
[5:26] Possession day flexibility
[6:22] Off market/new listings
[7:08] Pre-emptive or bully offers
[9:16] Presentation of the offer
[10:30] Wrap up

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  1. Great info. I know a seller that already bought a new house and scheduled to be completed August. Seller is concerned about not being ready and worried about the buyer not allowing the closing date pass August.
    Now you said one of the strategy is offer them with flexible closing and I was thinking about that. I told the seller you can stay as long as you need but they'll have to pay rent after the closing date.
    Do I a strong advantage by doing this?

  2. Hi Matthew. You have still not addressed how the Saskatchewan Roughriders have been to the Grey Cup 15 times but have only won 4 times. How can I take your real estate advice seriously with this elephant in the room? 🍉

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