If you're wholesaling houses the real estate market just FLIPPED.

If you're wholesaling houses the real estate market just FLIPPED.

It’s no secret that the real estate market has been on FIRE for the past decade.

A lot of wholesalers have been able to get away with murder in how they treat their buyers. I believe that the days of overpaying for deals, lying about the numbers, and staying in business are behind us.

The boys are about to get separated from the men in who can actually find good deals and who can’t.


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  1. If we don't get this administration out of office it's going to be near impossible to make a profit in real estate because everything will be so heavily regulated. It will get to the point where sellers by law will have to be informed of their homes potential equity if they are not already aware of it and if they still agree to your lower offer after you inform them of how much equity they have they will then have sign a legal document of sorts that says you informed the that they could get alot more money but they still decided to sell to you at a discount… The regulation is going to make it nearly impossible to get discounted off market properties…

  2. All the Gurus say is a great time to start… it seems more competitive than ever and the hardest time to start, but they will say that's just a scarcity mindset. Wouldn't it just be an accurate observation?
    Do you think getting started now is still a good idea?

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