I’m Making My Kids Millionaires!

I’m Making My Kids Millionaires!

How are you teaching your kids about money?

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  1. High paying career – Stem degree and Masters or MBA. Doctor or Finance etc plus get them into real estate and investing quickly.

  2. Most people don't even realise that the economy is collapsing and there is an increasing rate of unemployment worldwide 🌍 so take advantage and prepare while things are still on the shelf in the store.

  3. Do you worry that pressuring a child into making a million dollars by 21 and entrepreneurship could cause them to be chasing your dream instead of their own?

    This is a very short video so I’m sure not everything is explained here. Maybe you just meant give them that opportunity if they want it.

    Just sounded more like a set plan than an opportunity how it was worded.

    Just asking out of curiosity as I own a successful business I plan on being a dad in the future and working on a plan for raising my future children.

    I would hope my kids wanted to be entrepreneurs but I don’t think it’s something I can 100% be sure of. Every person is different. No idea though, because I’ve never had kids of course.

    I just think of my parents who had a plan for me to go to college, and pressured me into it when business was right for me.

    I am sure it can also be the other way around and there are people out there who want to be employees or don’t care about being a millionaire. Maybe they want a different path.

  4. So you care more about your kids work ethic than focusing on the problems in the world and in your community? Give you kids a million dollars, and have them actually care about not making a million dollars but on doing right every day and leading the world towards good in whatever ways possible around them

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