Investing in real estate 101: Part 1- Buy and Hold Strategy #investmentproperty #longterminvestment

Investing in real estate 101: Part 1- Buy and Hold Strategy #investmentproperty #longterminvestment
Buying Real Estate

You are never too young or too old to start investing.

This is a 4 part series on real estate investing by expert Michelle Regier. We want to help you create financial wealth with the goal of retiring early. Real estate is an awesome asset to add to your investment portfolio.

The first strategy of real estate investing we are going to talk about is the “buy and hold” also known as a long term rental properties.

Having a long term rental is really a low risk investment if done correctly. Someone pays your mortgage every month while your asset is gaining value (equity). If you hold the property long enough you can even have someone else pay off your entire loan!

If you’re interested in learning more contact us for a free book and the buy and hold strategy.


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