June 2021 Canadian Real Estate Market Update | The Market Is Cooling?

June 2021 Canadian Real Estate Market Update | The Market Is Cooling?

After starting the year on a blistering record setting pace, the Canadian real estate market is showing signs of finally cooling off. This crazy hot start has driven up prices in the Canadian housing market to new record levels. Now that we are seeing the pace of sales decreasing there are those saying that the Canadian real estate market is going to finally see the dreaded Canadian real estate bubble pop, or a Canadian housing market crash is imminent. Instead, this is just the Canadian housing market returning to its more normal levels of activity after the flurry of activity in Canadian real estate the past twelve months. While activity in major centers like the Vancouver and Toronto real estate markets have slowed compared to previous months their sales numbers are still very high compared to previous years. If it wasn’t for the record setting numbers of March and April people would likely be talking about how crazy hot the Toronto real estate market is right now.

This is your Bald Prairie Real Estate June 2021 Canadian real estate market update.

Thank you, Barry Bierman, from Barry Bierman Productions for the drone footage of Regina. You can check out his amazing work at here:
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[0:00] Introduction
[0:27] Welcome to the BPRE Market Update!
[1:51] Another Terrible Bad Dad Joke
[2:03] Regina Real Estate Market
[3:58] Victoria Real Estate Market
[5:44] Vancouver Real Estate Market
[8:13] Calgary Real Estate Market
[10:08] Edmonton Real Estate Market
[11:42] Saskatoon Real Estate Market
[13:32] Winnipeg Real Estate Market
[14:43] Toronto Real Estate Market
[17:46] Ottawa Real Estate Market
[19:33] Montreal Real Estate Market
[21:44] Halifax Real Estate Market
[22:57] Why did we see a slowdown in Canadian real estate?

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