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  1. You need to send me your T-shirt that says you are an animal lover. Make sure it’s signed! Otherwise I’ll tell everyone that you tried to trade your cat for the dog. 😂💕 thanks for adding the chickens at the end 💕

  2. No to the golf bag, yes to the truck, you know how to pick. Sometimes you have to just take a chance on something you know nothing about, however.
    I would suggest keeping an eye on Beanie Baby prices, some are coming back.

  3. *I have to edit this to clarify my comment. I should have said when Kevin resells the items he bought from the garage sales, etc.. I'm sorry for the confusion.* I'm adding to the comment where Ronan Barthon mentions about being a gentle man with people's items. ** This pertains to when it's resold, after Kevin already bought them** Now, the same thing when you handle the higher priced sold items as opposed to the lower priced sold items. Cheaper ones get plopped and tossed, higher priced get treated with great respect. Every sale should be treated with respect. Maybe that's all they could afford and it's priceless to them. Constantly handling things, up and down, plopping and tossing. Not cool. Other than that, I really love your channel and especially when the kids are involved! They make the show!

  4. Recently I decided that if I have to think a lot about buying something (like you did with the Callaway bag) I don't buy it. If the comps, or price, make me go back and forth about buying it I won't buy it. It seems to keep me from not making money on something, or buying junk.

  5. Hahaha. “What are you doing here?” From the mouth of babes. Reminds me of when we picked up an item a kid asked if we ate dinner and why we didn’t bring him any.

  6. I bought and sold one of those Steve Urkel dolls once. I found him at a church sale for 25 cents. I'd been watching this guy on YouTube who said to keep an eye out for old toys. So I did and found a whole bunch of stuff. Maybe you've heard of him… The Commonwealth Picker?? 😏

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