Key Agents’ Sessions of The 12-Week Brokers’ Coaching and Agents’ Training Program – #KeyProspecting

Key Agents’ Sessions of The 12-Week Brokers’ Coaching and Agents’ Training Program - #KeyProspecting
Many of the Brokers considering the 12-Week Real Estate Brokers’ Coaching and Agents’ Training Program with Stan Bishop and Key Yessaad wanted me to explain the Agents’ Sessions in detail and have a video that they can send to their agents to get them in focused with this Program.

This is a Group Training Program that involves at least 8 Brokers and their agents, over 12 weeks. The Brokers of the Real Estate Offices work on Business Coaching with Stan Bishop, and the Agents Group Live Training on how to grow their Business by Focusing on the fundamentals of Prospecting, Recruiting, Listings, Sales Conversion, and more.

Key’s Sessions: Your Agents will have a Total of 12 Sessions within my portion of the 12 Week Program. 6 Live 75’ Sessions every other Wednesday. And Bonus 6 Self-Directed Video Sessions. As well as Access to a Private Facebook Group to try their Scripts and connect with Participants.

Bonus Self-Directed Sessions: Prior to Session 1 your Agents will Sign a Pledge of Participation and will receive their first Self-Directed Learning Video. The Videos are about 1-Hour Long and come with Handouts and cover the following topics: Proper Real Estate Agent Branding; Effective Elevator Speeches; Precise Response Script for Hesitating Clients; Tools of Success of Listings Agents, and more…

Live Session 1: Real Estate Prospecting Mindset and Time Blocking Fundamentals: The Foundational Approach to Long-Term Success in a Real Estate Career require 2 major Ingredients – Prospecting and Time Blocking. You can learn everything you need to learn about processing a deal and yet not make a living in Real estate; whereas learning to Ask for Business and Prioritizing it is your Ticket to Success. In this session we will focus on your Prospecting Mindset and layer it with the Proper Habits of Time Blocking.

Live Session 2: Phone Canvassing Fundamentals, Scripts, and Daily Approach: You can choose to wait for the Phone to ring, or you can become Deliberate and start making calls to get Real Estate Buyers and Sellers to work with you. Phone Canvassing is a Skill and comes with a Methodology for Results. In this Session we will learn the Scripts for Asking for Appointments over the Phone, the tools you need, and the #BRAVO Technique for creating your own Prospecting Scripts.

Live Session 3: Leads Management and Follow-Up Strategies for Conversion: 85% of all Real Estate Leads end up in the hands of the Go-Getters, not those who got the leads first – Why is that? Lack of Systems; Follow through, and Proper Approach. Developing the Right Procedures for Converting Internet Registrations, Facebook Inquiries, and Website Leads requires the Proper Mindset; then layering it with the right CRM, Checklists, Scripts, and Follow-up Routines.

Live Session 4: Open House Canvassing for Local Farming, Branding, and Listings: In our beloved Real Estate Industry, we have focused so much on serving Buyers by adding new Internet Tools and Search Solutions; yet we have failed miserably to nurture our Neighbors and Potential Sellers to have a great experience Listing and Selling their Property. Open Houses are not about just attracting Buyers, they are about Canvassing with the Right Scripts to generate new potential Sellers.

Live Session 5: The For Sale By Owner Prospecting Approach and Appointment Script: Learning to deliver on your Value Proposition as a Real Estate Agent will not only Brand you properly in your Local Market, but it will also help you approach For Sale By Owners who do not see Value in hiring Agents. That tension can be overcome with Preparation, Confidence, and Flair. Let’s put together an Approach to engage FSBO Sellers so your chances of getting Listings increase – it’s all about Value.

Live Session 6: The Sellers’ Wanted Canvassing Approach and Local Farming Strategy: Waiting for the MLS to post listings so you can service your Qualified Buyers is proving Challenging and Difficult. What if you could learn to Canvass with a Proper Script, a proper Door Hanger and/or Flyer so you not only can Locate Listings but also target the Right Farm Areas to nurture your Buyers? When you Develop the Mindset of a Confident Go-Getter Prospector both your Buyers and Sellers win – and you win on a whole other level.

About Key: Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Mind-Set Trainer, Prospecting Coach, Internet Strategist, and creator of the #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp Program. Key focuses on empowering Agents and Brokers to develop the Skills and Habits of Prospecting, Time Blocking, Accountability, Inbound Marketing, Blogging, Lead Generation, and Listing
Success. (910) 538-6610 – #KeyProspecting

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